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    It’s natural when you first start regular exercise to expect results straight away. However, this isn’t always the case and many end up becoming frustrated, demotivated and in the worst case scenario, giving up. So how far into your training can you realistically expect to see results?   Unfortunately it’s not that straightforward and there is no one answer to this question.
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    Certain health issues tend to crop up in even the most dedicated exercisers.
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    In reality, having a strong core is much deeper than the kind of washboard abs that would make Fight Club-era Brad Pitt bow down in inferiority.
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    It’s true, we usually tell you it’s your mind that must take control over your body. But there are times when your body knows what’s best. And it may even need your help. To keep you clued up and aware of what to look out for, here are 6 things your body could be trying to tell you and how to spot the signs. "I NEED REST”
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    We all know that feeling. You’re in the middle of your workout or run and suddenly you get a dreaded stitch in your side. You have to pause and you try desperately to get rid of it. We all get them, but there is a lot of speculation around the actual cause of stitches. So what can you do to get rid of them? 1. Core TrainingApart from looking good, your core muscles hold everything in that area together. By training them, you are also making sure that the muscles which can be affected by a stitch are better stabilized
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    Global obesity is on the rise Humanity is putting on weight. Across the globe, in wealthy countries and developing nations, among children and adults, an increasing number of people are overweight or obese. Today, nearly 40 percent of the world’s adults fall into one of those categories, according to new estimates by a global network of researchers called the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration.
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    Most people who have spent a lot of time in the gym, on the trail or in the pool have heard of someone who keeled over dead, or near dead, while exercising.
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    Results are out! Check it out here Warrior 10k results    
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    Every year, January is the season for getting back in shape and getting healthy—or “trying to get healthy” as so many put it. It seems safer that way. To try is to give your best effort, while still leaving the back door open in case you can’t quite reach your goals.
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    Lemon water can make heartburn worse.
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