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Our Successes

Joining Warrior Bootcamp is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. It’s not just a normal run-of-the-mill workout but has taught my 7-year old son and me, the true meaning of discipline, dedication and teamwork. With great people around me, whom have become good friends, I am so pleased and honoured to be a part of the Warrior Bootcamp Family.
- Tina Julian Brattinga
I would like to thank Warrior Bootcamp and all of its coaches for encouraging me over the past two years and helping me meet my fitness goals. I am definitely “fitter, faster, tougher, stronger” than when I started, and I plan to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle back in Texas!
Warrior Bootcamp can proudly boast many satisfied customers, largely due to the wonderful coaches that lead the sessions. Each coach is very fit themselves, shows up prepared and on time, and is a skilled motivator, encouraging participants to work hard and never give up. (I always run a little faster when I pass one of them!) All have had training in injury prevention and CPR, and some specialize in sports medicine and nutrition. Safety is top priority: participants are encouraged to use proper form when doing exercises, and rest/recovery periods are built in to each workout. Coaches also regularly share advice on topics related to overall health, such as sleep, proper diet, and mental resilience. Additionally, they offer regular fitness assessments to record each individual's progress. It’s fun to challenge myself to do a little better each time!
Being a Warrior, I’ve accomplished things I never thought I’d do. I ran my first 10km (and a 12km a month later!), fought hard and had fun in the Warrior Games, participated in the Round Island relay, carried 5kg in a rucksack up Pearl Hill, and even achieved Warrior of the Month! My fitness has drastically improved over the past two years; I’ve lost 4-5 kg, significantly reduced my body fat %, and am as fit as I’ve ever been as an adult. I sleep well at night, feel energetic and healthy, am more mentally tough and resilient, and am motivated to continue a lifestyle of proper diet, sleep, and exercise.
Of course, I’ve had a lot of fun as well! I've met people from all over the world, and there’s nothing that unites like sweating along with someone else in the hot sun! Whatever fitness level, members encourage others in their progress and receive encouragement to keep going and never give up. We enjoy a variety of games, are playfully competitive, work as a team to win relays, and sometimes get dirty. One of my favorite sessions involved rolling through the mud in the rain!Warrior Bootcamp Penang is united as a team by the spirit of fitness and fun, and the color red. I am always proud to stretch out my hand at the end of each session, declaring and believing I really am a "Warrior!"
- Sally Dewhirst
* In Warrior,you are pushed to the limits you never thought you could reach, and you come to realize that your full potential is a lot greater than you thought it was. I also love the fact that I have finally found a community in Penang that loves the outdoors - be it hiking, running, or exercising - as much as I do. 
Before joining Warrior, I was an occasional (and very slow) runner whose maximum distance had been 10km. To my surprise (and great delight), all those sessions had greatly increased my stamina and endurance. Ever since then, I have been encouraged and have found great joy in achieving new milestones, be it running my first half marathon, or being able to hold a plank for longer than I used to be able to. Without Warrior, its community support (and accountability) it gives me, I would never have had the mental strength to achieve this on my own.
- Ai Ping
I gain a lot (physically and mentally) after joining Warrior training. The coaches really push me over my perceived limits and it changes my ‘can't do’ mindset to ‘can do’. They are also willing to share their knowledge and expertise. A big thank you to all the wonderful coaches.
- Saw
I am someone who used to avoid workouts because I found the gym to be boring. But after I joined WBC, I found the different exercises in every class to be fun yet challenging! I lost nearly 10kgs in 3 months after I joined the TRX workout sessions and it made me stronger and firmer looking. WBC has helped me achieve my goals, get the correct workout knowledge, and most importantly, I got to know a lot of friendly warriors!
- Munchy Chew
* Joining Warrior has changed my whole perception about healthy living. It has not only improved my fitness level, but has helped me improved my overall lifestyle. Every workout is different, I like that the program varies constantly, but what pushes Warrior over the top are the people and environment. The coaches are supportive, motivating and fun. They push a little further and made me do more than what I thought I could ever do. We get our workouts done and still manage to have a lot of fun in the process. I never knew it was possible for me to sweat so much, and even complete a 10km marathon within a decent time, from just a few months training. I am truly proud of myself! I honestly can't say enough about this place. Thank you Warrior! I cannot imagine my life without it now – it’s my kind of therapy!”
- Claudia M.
* From being extremely unfit, I have seen my body grown to enjoy exercise and running. I particularly love training in a group as it embodies team support, encouragement, empathy and friendly bonding. These... you can't get from training in a gym. The coaches are truly supportive, encouraging, down to earth and are great motivators. Warrior has indeed boosted my morale and my love for sports." 
- Adeline F.
The Warrior Fitness Program is an excellent cross-training program that complements my half and full marathon training; it helps me improve my core strength and reduce injuries. The coaches are truly dedicated, motivated and pushes you beyond your comfort zones – 70 sets and 7 repetitions ... enjoy. And it is also fun training with the Warrior folks. Highly recommended.
- Lee Chin Kok
* First few sessions were tough but due to the encouragement and persistency from the coaches and recruits, I managed to endure the tough trainings and this resulted in vast improvement in both form and stamina. Warrior has helped me discover my passion and potential in long distance running and I had been participating in many local races since. It is not just another fitness camp, it's a niche environment of bonding between the recruits and coaches that makes this program special, effective and fun. I am more confident, positive and fitter than ever in my 30 years of life. My life had been officially transformed and I never look back since. Thank you Warrior.
- Andrew C.
* One of my favorite aspects of Warrior is that it is fun, outdoors, has the feeling of a personal trainer, and never the same. This has definitely helped to keep me motivated. With healthy eating habits and attending Warrior three times a week, I am very pleased with the 7kg weight reduction as well as the 20cm I have lost around my body. Most people look forward to the “losing” aspect of working out and training, but I have found that I have gained more than just a temporary fix to a problem. I have a solution; it is a lifestyle change. I am not only physically strong, but I am mentally stronger as well. Furthermore, I feel as though I am part of a team again. I promise you; it will hurt. But the results are worth it. 
- Diana F.
* I really like good food so moving to Penang as an expat 2 years ago was a great experience but unfortunately not so good for my weight with all the food temptations. I found out about Warrior and decided to try it. Honestly the first few times were hard and I had a tough time completing the entire hour but the coaches and the recruits were really encouraging and supportive so I decided to continue. One thing that really kept me motivated was one of the instructors saying “It’s not how fast you go, it’s how much effort you put in to it”. I have since lost 8 kgs and I can really feel the improvement in my stamina.
- Daniel M.
* Having a busy and tight schedule in my daily life as a fashion designer, I always try to find time for my exercise routine; and that's where I join up with Warrior. I've been with Warrior for more than one year now. I feel and look so much better, and the improvement to my self-confidence is endless. Another benefit that I was not expecting is that I have learned to enjoy exercise and recognize the benefits of a regular exercise. I believe growing strength, balancing health and staying fit are what make me so passionate about Warrior. 
- Brandon
* When you are living in a different country and continent, life can be difficult to manage. Finding a place to exercise where the coaches enjoy their work and push you to give your best effort is really motivating. I have always thought that my best workout is kick boxing but now I can say the same for Warrior fitness, it is my best. It changes many things for me; I can manage and control my mind, I can challenge myself to do the best not only in my sports life but also in any small or big issues, and no less important I feel really great in my costume (my body). Gracias.
- Yamel
* Warrior has the right professionals to effectively motivate me in becoming a stronger person through sweat, teamwork, determination. I saw fruitful results within months and now able run in marathons which was impossible for me before. Thank you Warrior! 
- Wei Jian
* I first joined Warrior 4 months after having my first baby. I’d been a regular gym junkie before this but Warrior has changed my perception of how I can get fit in a different way – it’s like personal training (with a bunch of different coaches!), physical and mental conditioning all rolled into one. And the best part is, you get to do all that in the great outdoors! I know Warrior works because I ran my 2nd half marathon (less than a year after having a baby) way faster than I did for my 1st half marathon (before I got pregnant). A big thank you for all the support and encouragement from Warrior and its community! 
- Daphne S.
* Warrior training is like coffee. Drags you out of bed, gives you a kick and it's addictive. Best one hour spent in a day. 
- Eugene
* I used to run 3 times a week but after coming to Warrior for 6 months, I can see and feel a big difference. My body is much toner. The coaches are highly trained, motivating, very friendly and use a variety of training methods. The group is a mixture of nationalities, fitness levels and ages. We always have a laugh. Everyone is welcome and you can train at your own level. I really enjoy it.
- Karin L.
* Looking fit and actually being fit are two very different things. I learnt that very humbling lesson on my very first session and I've been hooked on getting and staying fit with Warrior ever since
- Dhinesh
When I first came to Warrior Bootcamp, I was very intimidated. However, I quickly learned that they are of all different ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. Everyone is so kind and supportive, and cheer each other on through the workouts. The instructors are really good about correcting your form and making sure you work at your own level. It has been such a blessing to have such a great group of people to work out with! I have now started boxing on Thursdays and love it too!
- Krissy Kendrick
I first started Warrior sessions over a year ago as I was overweight, at risk of diabetes and hadn't really done any proper exercise since the birth of my second child, five years ago! 
The sessions are well structured and are run by professional, experienced and enthusiastic coaches. It is one of the most welcoming fitness environments I have experienced; everyone is genuinely welcoming and friendly as well as highly supportive.  
Over the year, I have lost over 10kgs (in combination with a healthy eating regime) and have become much fitter, stronger and more confident. I ran several 10km events and tried my hand at some obstacle races too. I recently completed my first ever mini triathlon – that was not something I thought I would be able to do. Besides the health benefits, I look forward to every session as the Warriors have become my friends and we have a good laugh while we are sweating it out. I have met wonderful, positive people and would recommend Bootcamp to anyone. It doesn't really matter how unfit you are as this will help you improve and you will be supported along the way. I can't recommend it highly enough. 
- Kristy