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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Warrior Fitness?

Warrior sessions are fun, high intensity group coaching conducted in the great outdoors using non-traditional equipment and military inspired programs for more effective results. The programs are designed to build functional aerobic and anaerobic fitness which will get you fit, burn fat faster, improve health and build all round physical condition more effectively than other forms of exercises. It is also like personal training but in a group; plus it’s fun, friendly, highly motivating and you won't get bored as no two training sessions are the same.

Why Warrior Fitness ?

We really cares that you see results! Read here.

What are the health requirements to joining Warrior Fitness ?

Warrior training is designed for persons of different fitness levels, but like joining any physical activity it important that you have undertaken a medical check-up and are declared medically fit to participate in outdoor high intensity physical fitness activities. Our training is not suitable:

  • For pregnant women or those who have just given birth
  • Persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, chest pains
  • Persons with heart conditions or recovering from heart surgery
  • Persons with severe knee pains /joint problems, slipped disc / spine conditions or lower back pains
  • Persons with asthma

What are the age requirements for Warrior Bootcamp ? 

  • Adult Training : Minimum age -15 years of age with guardian approval 
  • Junior/Youth Athletic Bootcamp : 6- 10 years  &  10 - 14  years

What is the Warrior Training effect ?

Warrior programs are designed to build all round fitness. We focus not only on strength/endurance and strength/power but also conditioning in the aerobic, anaerobic (glycogen) Anaerobic (ATP) zones. We also trains agility , mental toughness and in movements that are benfical for sports. A Warrior recruit developes real fitness not just the appearance of fitness. This allows them to build better performance in specific sports and reduce their chances of injury. Be fitter , faster tougher , stronger both inside and out. 

Where are the training locations?

We conduct training sessions in different locations to give recruits variation to train in different terrains and atmosphere. Click on this link for the schedule and training locations. You may also connect with us via Facebook or blog to keep abreast of the latest schedule.

What do I need to do prior to joining?

Please read What are the health and fitness requirements and Terms and Conditons.

What to wear and bring to the training?

Normal gym training gear, proper running shoes and water. Towel and dry change of clothes are optional but positive can do attitude is important :)

What if I'm too unfit for this?

All the more reason to join us. There's no minimum requirement of fitness level (although we do require that you clear with your doctor for this training if you have any illnesses), we are committed to make you a hero from zero.

What are the fees ?

Please refer to our published rates here.

But it's outdoors. What if it rains?

Yes, we still train in the rain. It's a great blessing - it will cool you down. But we guarantee that you won't get cold during a training session! And contrary to popular myth, you will not get flu if you get wet (otherwise 65 million UK residents would have permanent flu!). However, you  could catch a chill if you drive home wet and cold in an aircon car - so bring a dry towel and a change of clothing with you. Here's an article you'd probably want to refer to prepare yourself to brave the elements.

How does Warrior Training benefit athletes?

This is why.

I am already fit because I cycle/run/swim. Why do I need Warrior Training?

Actually, we all need it, because it is a physical conditioning programme which will benefit even top athletes. Warrior training is used by rugby, soccer, hockey and badminton as well as runners triathletes, javelin throwers and Dragon Boat racers to improve their general fitness and mental toughness for their various sports.

But I have never done any fitness training. I am also overweight. Can Warrior help me?

Absolutely! We aim to introduce you to physical training programmes which will change your life. We will get you fit a reasonable and sustainable pace. The training will help you lose weight plus have FUN doing it. Honestly - this could be a life-changing experience for you if are serious about making a change.

Does it really work?

With hard work, determination and discipline of turning up to classes at least 3 times a week combined with healthy eating, we guarantee that you will see results. Check out our testimonial page on the proven success stories from the warriors themselves.

Will it be fun?

If it wasn't fun, we wouldn't be doing it ourselves. And if it's not fun, no-one would continue doing it. Yes - our commitment is that you'll have fun whilst getting fit. Honestly!

I am interested in becoming a Coach. Can you tell me more about it?

We are looking for a few more Coaches at the moment. A Coach will ideally be someone who already has a full-time job, and who wishes to earn a fee per session for conducting sessions at various times during our schedule, arranged to suit the lifestyle of the Coach. It is a 'part-time' job for someone with a passion for sports and fitness, who is able to communicate that passion to others by use of his/her own personality. If interested, pls contact us here : Contact Us

How do I connect with Warrior Fitness ?

Facebook, blog, Instagram, Twitter, email, phone... plenty of ways! Just get in touch with us here.

What are the benefits of signing up to the monthly Bootcamp package (Red Card)?

  You will receive:

  • Full access to a structured health, fitness and athletic coaching program.
  • Access to the Warrior information portals.
  • Train harder incentives.
  • Free Tee-shirt and bag*
  • “Warrior of the Month’ prizes.
  • Reduced rates on walk-in tokens (RM200 rather than RM250, RM25 rather than RM30) for Warrior Boxing, Warrior Suspension, Warrior Beach, Warrior Obstacle/Endurance and other weekend programs
  • Discount offers at Warrior-friendly vendors/suppliers/outlets*        * T&C apply


How do I sign up?

Print out and fill in the form from this link, bring it to any class, and you're ready to unleash your inner warrior.