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Essential Core Course

The muscles around the trunk and pelvis area of the body are known as the CORE of the body; and maintaining a strong body core is important at any age - good balance, posture and back health are all linked to core strength, and the core is the vital “foundation” of all the body’s movements, whether walking, carrying a heavy bag or baby, or exercising.

Many people mistakenly think that their “abs” or abdominal muscles are the only core muscles, but in fact, the core muscle group includes all of the muscles that are located in the torso that keep the body stable and balanced.  It makes sense when you think about it as, it takes many different muscles working together to keep your body well-aligned and strong during different daily activities.

Today’s lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary and we spend more and more time sitting, with our core muscles relaxed.  This sedentary time happens at home, in vehicles and, especially, at work.
Research suggests that core stabilization and core strengthening can help to improve back health, balance and overall functional fitness. (Functional fitness is the ability to maintain a fitness level that allows completion of everyday tasks). 

We are offering  a course of six weeks (one session each Tuesday 26th April), designed to take you through exercises specific to developing a strong, functional set of core muscles, whether  starting from zero or just needing to develop and strengthen the core from its present condition.
Added benefits of a strong core are:

  • To help prevent injuries.
  • To protect body organs.
  • To relieve back pain.
  • To improve overall posture, and finally, 
  • to enhance the muscle tone and define the waistline.

To be announced, payable in advance. Due to the personalised nature of this program, it will be strictly limited to 8 students per course.

KOTA KINABALU: Starts Tuesday 26th April, lasts for 6 sessions, every Tuesday at 7pm at Rainforest Park.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, WHATSAPP +60 11-1051 2755 (KK), +60 12-459 4728 (PG)