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Our Coaches (Kota Kinabalu)

Conor Mc Manus is a cofounder of Warrior Fitness and Adventure.

He is former member of Irish Military Special forces with real experience preparing and leading Elite Warrior's for the most challenging and dynamic environments. With background as a Military Trainer, Tactical Fitness Instructor, Combat Medic & Survival Instructor he brings unique life experiences and knowledge to his coaching and training.

His objective when setting up Warrior was to help everyone achieve what you think you CAN’T do. ‘It’s all in the mind’ - is one of his favourite phrases. If you think you can, YOU CAN. Known for his challenging but effective trainings (don’t worry, he’s actually a soft gentle giant beneath it all), expect an educational experience with athletic and team influenced workouts that will build your confidence and fitness for real life. 

Conor is a certified Group Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist,  Rehab Trainer and has a Masters in Business Administration. 

When he's not coaching he is also active in Ultra running, Mountaineering, Leadership & Team building  and Dragon boat racing. He has competed in Dragon Boat World Club Crew Championship and has completed Ultra trail races such as Vibram 100 (HK) , TMBT (Sabah) , UTMF (Japan) , Spartan Elite.

Also ex-military like Conor, Robert’s career was in British Airborne Forces. The one thing that Paras learn is that ‘nothing is impossible’. ‘Train Hard, Fight Easy’ is their motto, and many local trail runners know that Robert always applies this dictum to his own training.

Robert was a British Olympic Squad fencer in his younger days, and later played polo for Hong Kong. As a Jungle Warfare Instructor and Jungle Survival Instructor he has operated in most jungles, from South America, to Africa, to Asia. He is Winter Warfare Survival trained in the Arctic as well, just for the contrast. He commanded the Joint Services Parachute Centre, and was both a Free-Fall Parachute Instructor and a Relative Work Coach for more than 20 years. Robert was a dinghy instructor on Lasers, and also ran British Divisional and Army Ski Championships for several years. Robert is an FITM Certified Fitness Instructor.

He has been a life-long scuba diver, diving most of the best dives sites worldwide (well, the warm water ones, anyway!) – and now specialises in macro underwater photography. He is an enthusiastic Ultra Trail runner, and regularly competes in all the iconic Sabah races – TMBT, Climbathon, Borneo International Marathon, Ranauthlon etc., not to mention famous UK ones as well. Well known to most Sabah runners, he focuses on encouraging new runners, and proving to them that they can run the distance.

Robert was so impressed with Warrior Boot Camp in Penang, that he persuaded Conor to allow him to set up a branch here in KK. His aim is to bring health and fitness to those who have never had the opportunity before, and to encourage existing sportsmen/women in KK to go the extra mile!


Ian is a former soldier now residing in Kota Kinabalu. Ian served with the British Army on numerous deployments around the world. Coming from an Army family he is well travelled, never staying anywhere longer than two years until he came to Sabah.

Ian has been a full time diving coach for over twenty years and has been diving for 25 years. He has helped thousands of new divers master the basic and the advanced sides of diving, and has a passion for helping people achieve their goals. Ian is a Master Instructor and has helped many people get in to professional careers in the diving world, especially local Sabahans.

 Ian is a familiar face on the Ultra trail races around Sabah, and has never failed to finish any race that he has started. He has 3 TMBTs (2x 50km 2x 100km), 1 Sabah Adventure Challenge, and 2x Beaufort 60km races under his belt, together of course with Ranauthlon, Mesilauthon  and BIM.

 Ian retired from managing a busy dive centre at the end of 2014, so that he could concentrate full-time on Warrior Bootcamp KK.

 Ian says that he has a ‘will not quit attitude towards his running, and towards life in general.’

 Ian is also a EFR Instructor (Emergency First Response) and a Oxygen Provider Instructor. He has taught many people the skills of First aid. He is also aiming to become an EFR Instructor Trainer by the end of 2015.

Ian's Personal aims for the near future are to extend the distance and quantity of his Ultra Trail runs, with an end goal of being faster around trails. But his main focus for the future is to make Warrior KK a success. He has now qualified as a FITM Certified Fitness Instructor.



Kimi, originally from Selangor, has been in KK for the past 6 years. Love for a balanced lifestyle made him and his wife him fall in love with living in Sabah. He is an engineer by profession, but most of the time introduces himself as a full time triathlete. He started doing triathlon when he decided to conquer his fear of water - from not knowing how to swim, he has now completed more than 7 triathlon races including the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya 2014. Now, he is focusing on improving his time by racing half iron distance triathlon, all around the world.

Sports and endurance has always been part of his Kimi’s life. Involved with the Selangor Youth Sepak Takraw Development Program (led by his late father) during his primary school years, he represented Malacca and Malaysia in Squash during his teen years, continuing on until now. He was part of the group of students who revived the Auckland University Squash Club while studying in New Zealand, with the goal of promoting squash and helping newcomers improve their game.

Now, he is very keen to help anyone who is interested in triathlon. He realises that fitness training is the basic key to all sports. By being part of the Warrior team, he aims to help improve the community’s health awareness and way of life.

To him, exercising is not just about getting fit. It’s all about allowing you to live healthily and having fun doing it. It’s a way of life. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a person improve his quality of life by being healthy, and being part of his journey achieving it.

Kimi looks forward to working with you all – beginners as well as athletes!

Menaga or known as Mena, is currently in her final months of completing her Masters degree at UMS, Sabah in Conservation studies.  She has been running in marathons and cycling since her school days, but it was during her undergraduate years in New Zealand that she developed her interest in sports and fitness. Her respect for animals is her reason for adopting a lacto-vegan lifestyle change, which has also helped her to stay fit. After years of working hard to get herself fit and healthy through proper exercise and nutrition, she has been helping close friends and family to achieve the same. She enjoys motivating others to achieve fitness, eat healthily and also to have lots of FUN throughout the process. “Seeing people find joy in exercise and seeing changes in their health motivates and satisfies me”. 

Lena is passionate about rugby, and about the fitness preparation that is crucial to it. A rugby player as well as a coach, she represented Malaysia in 2011 in the national 7s squad. Lena is currently coaching an under 18 girls team and women's open level. She is also starting to get involved in refereeing rugby matches.  Apart from getting involved in the practical side of the game, she is also the Honorary Secretary one of the local rugby clubs, the KK Sharks RFC, and the team manager for the men's open team. 

When not playing rugby, Lena would prefer to run half marathons. She is currently getting used to trail running and cycling – with a view someday to get involved in triathlon racing. Lena also learnt mixed martial arts for its fitness value.

She has a level 1 and level 2 rugby coaching certificate conferred by the International Rugby Board (now known as World Rugby) and sanctioned by the Malaysia Rugby Union. On top of that, Lena also has a Level 1 Strength & Conditioning coaching certificate by IRB as well.

Her ambition is to train Sabahan to a level of fitness that will enable them to enjoy taking part in other sports at all levels.

Paula is a teacher by profession, who has specialised in children and adults with learning difficulties. She has also run several successful businesses in partnership with Robert, her husband.  She has been involved in sports and outdoor activities all her life, including competitive riding and skiing, tennis (both as a player and an umpire), ocean and dinghy sailing (she is an RYA childrens dinghy instructor), and scuba diving. Her greatest love is both trekking and running the wildest trails.

She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, and also a FITM Weight Loss Coach – both skills that she uses to the full in Warrior KK. She plans also to develop the Junior Warrior programme in KK, starting in January 2016.

Our very first ‘home grown’ coach, Miranda showed such promise as a Warrior that we couldn’t help but invite her to train as a coach. She embodies all those qualities that we promote: enthusiasm, hard work, integrity and a sense of fun.

Miranda has taken to coaching like a duck to water. She has studied the subject hard, and now produces some of the very best-crafted lessons for our Warriors. She is due to take her Certified Fitness Instructor exam in March, and we are sure she will pass with flying colours!

She has been involved in a wide variety of sports all her life, but like many mothers, found it difficult to maintain after the birth of her son. Miranda made herself return to sports initially through kick boxing and then running – these are now her biggest passions. She has already completed Hassu Tassu, Climbathon, TMBT, Ricky Lightfoot, Maliauthon and many other classic Sabah races – and for 2016 has her eyes firmly on Beaufort 60, BUTM 50, and the Viper Challenge.

Miranda has come a long way in her running since she started only in 2013! She says that it doesn’t matter if you start late in life and only ever come in somewhere in the ‘back of the pack’. The important thing is that you compete and that you finish.

Miranda hopes to inspire those taking their first tentative steps into fitness to achieve their best. She is well-known for her sessions at which she challenges every participant to Commit, Focus, Believe and Achieve!