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Beginners Bootcamp

Warrior Bootcamp for Beginners is 1 hour of fun fitness training. You will join our normal scheduled bootcamp sessions but at a less intense level. We reassure you, you will train at your own pace, you will not be asked to do anything you cannot do, you will not be puking into a bucket or made feel you dont know what your are doing.  At Warrior we take pride in our professionalism, "we do not try to kill you"  our sole mission is help you to grow & enjoy physical training , help you to create healthy habits that make you feel great and fitter for life. We know you are a Warrior but you may not just believe it yet !!

Warrior bootcamp is suitable for

  • Persons of low fitness level
  • A beginner to fitness
  • A person who may be coming back from injury or illness 
  • Anyone who may be a bit anxious about starting fitness training again.

What you get 

  • A professional team of coaches 
  • Honest support and advise 
  • Unlimited access to Warrior Bootcamp Scheduled sessions
  • A fun , friendly and inclusive workout environment 

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