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Our Coaches (Penang)

Conor Mc Manus is a cofounder of Warrior Fitness and Adventure.

He is former member of Irish Military Special forces with real experience preparing and leading Elite Warrior's for the most challenging and dynamic environments. With background as a Military Trainer, Tactical Fitness Instructor, Combat Medic & Survival Instructor he brings unique life experiences and knowledge to his coaching and training.

His objective when setting up Warrior was to help everyone achieve what you think you CAN’T do. ‘It’s all in the mind’ - is one of his favourite phrases. If you think you can, YOU CAN. Known for his challenging but effective trainings (don’t worry, he’s actually a soft gentle giant beneath it all), expect an educational experience with athletic and team influenced workouts that will build your confidence and fitness for real life. 

Conor is a certified Group Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist,  Rehab Trainer and has a Masters in Business Administration. 

When he's not coaching he is also active in Ultra running, Mountaineering, Leadership & Team building  and Dragon boat racing. He has competed in Dragon Boat World Club Crew Championship and has completed Ultra trail races such as Vibram 100 (HK) , TMBT (Sabah) , UTMF (Japan) , Spartan Elite.

Chin Lee  is fitness coach with over 20 years experience. She specialises in kicboxing, circuit training, step aerobics and injury rehab. She is big into advocating outdoor fitness as the best way to help you look and feel great. Expect highly motivational sessions of interval trainings with lots of agility, muscle group toning and body weight movements. Apart from coaching at Warrior she is actively involved in hillwalking , wind surfing and  kayaking . She is also certifed as a Rehab Trainer and in Pre and Post Natal Exercise. 

Tess is one of our most energetic and enthusiastic coaches. Whilst result focused in her approach, she believes health and fitness is meant to be fun! She loves encouraging and assisting individuals achieve their goals and more importantly promoting fit, healthy and happy lifestyles. 
Born and bred in Australia, she has enjoyed outdoor sports and exercise all her life. In her youth, she played representative sport and currently enjoys obstacle course and strength training, hiking and the practice of iyengar yoga. She also loves spending time with her two young boys who also keep her on her physically (and mentally!) active. 
Tess is a cerifed Personal Trainer 


Mariane is a health and fitness advocate from New Zealand. As a Military Psychologist in the New Zealand Defence Force with 15 years' experience, her passion lies in the link between mental and physical health, and the belief that you cannot have one without the other. Mariane completed her fitness certification in 2013, and has been instructing at Warrior since her arrival in Penang. Mariane combines her extensive experience in psychology with fun and effective workouts designed to make you both mentally and physically fitter.

Mariane is also a certified weight loss specialist ( NASM) and has extensive experience in providing weight-loss support, training children and adults for specific sporting events, and is the leader of one of Penang's many running groups.

As a kiwi, Mariane enjoys the outdoors and is often found up Penang Hill running the trails. She enjoys running half marathons, hiking, camping, skiing, and completing physically challenging workouts. She also enjoys spending time with her two young children, who have no choice but to like running!


Jee has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is passionate about helping people to get fit and lose weight. To the team, he is known as the TRX master and delivers body blasting boot camp circuits which will get you ripped and toned in no time. His training incorporates lots of weights and body weight exercises in a fun and friendly environment.

Jee is trained in anatomy and exercise physiology,  master rehab trainer, kettle bells level 1 and 2  and an ACE certified personal trainer. He has in-depth experience in body building, circuit training, and group/individual fitness. His other specialist areas are obesity prevention and injury management.

When not coaching, Jee is active in triathlons.

Roger is no stranger to the outdoor pursuits and strongly believes in the benefits of getting outdoors and training like an athlete if you wish to really burn fat and improve athletic performance. Having had vast experiences in trail running, ultra running and mountain biking, his training revolves around different types of running, body weight exercises and strength training programs with a big emphasis on mental resilience and teamwork.

When not coaching, Roger is active in ultra running, mountain biking, powerman events and diving. Roger is also a Rescue Diver and a Certified Group Personal Training Specialist from NASM.He has completed Ultra trail races such as Vibram 100 (HK) ,  Penang 100 , North Face 100,  TMBT (Sabah) , UTMF (Japan) . 

Harjit is known by our recruits as the games master. A former hockey player, captain, and current coach for the state team, Harjit encourages team spirit and is very creative in adding fun games into the session. These games usually involve teamwork to create a little competition. As tiring as his games can be, they are sure to have everyone smiling and enjoying training even more.

He also coaches the MPPP dragon boat and marathon teams, having led them in competitions both locally and abroad. When he's not involved with Warrior and coaching activities, Harjit likes to dedicate his time to his family and providing fitness classes to the Cheshire Home.

Harjit is a certified Hockey Coach and Fitness Instructor.

Having just acquired the title of Ironman under his belt, Kelvin extols the real benefits of getting outdoors in team based training. His goal is to help guide everyone to achieve more than they believe they can do. Having participated in many running and endurance events, Kelvin's experiences add immense values in terms of practical training advice and know-hows. Kelvin will go the distance to motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals and is always ready to extend his support. When not coaching Kelvin is also active in ultra marathons, Ironman, triathlons and manages the Warrior Running team. He has completed Vibram 100 ( HK), Ironman (Langkawi) . 

Kelvin is a certified Group Personal Training Specialist from NASM.

Chin Chin is a runner, cyclist, triathlete and all round adrenaline junkie. She brings to Warrior 7 years of experience in fitness and endurance sports. With her wealth of knowledge across so many disciplines, Chin Chin can help you achieve your fitness goals, enhance your physique, and make sure you have fun along the way. Be prepared for lung busting cardio and explosive strength exercises with her.

Chin Chin is a familiar face in the endurance circles of Malaysia having participated in numerous marathons, duathlon and triathlon events. She is a certified group personal trainer.

A promising athlete even from a young age, Cheng represented his school in track and field and had remained physically active over the years through various sports like badminton, football and softball.

Cheng, who had once personally suffered an ACL injury, now values the importance of a proper coaching program that helps prevent injuries. As a certified NASM Group Personal Training Specialist, Cheng’s objective in coaching Warrior bootcamp is to encourage others get to fit and healthy through leading by example. Having regularly participated in various competitive running, cycling and obstacle races, he even achieved podium finishes in the recent Spartan Races.

His message to those embarking into Warrior fitness, Never be afraid to start as a beginner, because everyone was once a beginner. Do your best, trust the coaches, and you will see results.

Siang’s early exposure to physical activities began in school with the martial art of Wushu. But for the past 10 years, he has taken a keen interest in fitness through a varied range of training program from indoor gym workouts, steps and yoga to outdoor bootcamp, running and hiking.

At his previous experience in the medical and healthcare industry, he was reminded of the value of having good health and how important it is to take charge of our own bodies to maintain it. Siang believes that by being fit and having a healthy diet, he can improve his general health and minimize the occurrence of illness; a mantra he shares with warriors and those he coaches. Couple that with a ‘never give up attitude’, anything is achievable.

Siang is a certified NASM Group Personal Training Specialist.

Wei Jian, a certified NASM Group Personal Training Specialist, is a natural athlete from a young age, Wei Jian had represented his school for 100m sprints and is also a black-belt in martial arts. Over the years, he has been active in the long distance running community and can be often seen training in Botanical Gardens on weekends and regularly participates in local races.

Wei Jian believes and works hard on building lean muscles for agility and flexibility which also help him with his recent passion for shorter/speed runs, obstacle races and Ultimate (competitive frisbee). 

He gained his coaching inspiration from his friends who wrongly justifies having char-kuey-teow after a workout. More importantly, he often stresses on proper form when performing exercises and is always ready to help new recruits feel comfortable at bootcamp. When Wei Jian is not actively coaching, he loves to mingle with recruits and friends and encourage them to join small races.

Ai Ping stumbled upon Warrior Bootcamp when she returned from the US and was looking for a training program to keep her occupied. She found that not only did she enjoy rolling around in the grass while doing burpees, but she was actually addicted to bootcamp. Since being part of Warrior, she has been encouraged to train and take part in her first endurance running events and obstacle course races. Each and every race has given her a great sense of accomplishment and now, she wishes to pass that down to all Warriors.


A certified NASM Group Personal Training Specialist, Ai Ping believes that everyone starts somewhere and that there is no excuse for not taking care of the most important thing in life- your health. She wishes to convince new recruits that joining Warrior is not as scary as it seems, as Warrior is always inclusive and the coaches work hard to accommodate all fitness levels without sacrificing the workout.


When not coaching or exercising, Ai Ping highly enjoys spending time with her dogs and travelling.